3PL and Distribution
3PL and Distribution
The products handled by AWH come in all shapes and sizes, from a bale of wool or cotton, to a pallet of cement or package of insulation, through to industrial escalators and elevators and Dangerous Goods. Leveraging our experience in wool and cotton, we have become an advanced, systems driven organisation with state-of-the-art warehouse and material handling software.

We have unrivalled experience in a vast array of logistics requirements and can develop a tailored solution for your logistics needs. AWH handles more than 6,000,000 units per year and more than 70,000 TEU carted from/to the docks nationwide for import/export management and distribution.

AWH services will meet your needs:

  • Storage & handling of products, including high value and bulky goods
  • Pick, Pack & dispatch
  • Inventory Management, with customer visibility
  • Quality Control
  • Vehicle Load / Unload
  • Stock takes and Cycle Counting
  • Outside storage of bulky or over dimensional products
  • Customised Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) with flexible integration technology