Dry Bulk
Dry Bulk
AWH specializes in the storage and handling of imported Dry Bulk commodities such as Soybean Meal, Stock Feeds & Fertilisers.

AWH understands the complexities of importing Dry Bulk commodities and can arrange ship discharge, terminal transfers, receival, storage and outturn services. Our specialised site located in Lara, Victoria, is AQIS approved for imports and exports and provides licensed fumigation facilities, sampling services and certified weighbridge on site. AWH can arrange quarantine inspections upon receival and all bulk tonnage throughput in & out is managed via our customized warehouse software.

By partnering with AWH, you will benefit from:

  • AQIS approved premises for import & export
  • Certified Weighbridge on site
  • Equipped with Frontend Loaders, Excavators, Hopper-Conveyer Systems
  • Licensed fumigation facilities
  • Sampling of product
  • Warehouse software to manage tonnage in & out