Unique insights
Unique insights
An integral part of AWH’s corporate values is our commitment committed to ensuring that all company business is conducted according to rigorous ethical, professional, legal and safety standards. We expect similar corporate values from our business partners. We believe in AWH being a good corporate citizen, while providing world class supply chain solutions and being recognised for excellence, innovation, value and unrivalled service in the agri-business and general logistics sectors.

AWH has a clearly defined corporate governance framework, which includes a seven member Board of Directors who meet on a quarterly basis and an Executive Leadership Team with specialist operational, legal, financial and IT skills.



Adrian Capogreco, Senior Director Finance, Nutrien Ag Solutions

Tom Breen, Chairman, Group General Manager, Customer & Business Services, Nutrien Ag Solutions

Gaylenne Neill, Regional Director, People Asia pacific & Australasia Region, DP World Australia Pty Ltd

Jason Varsamidis, Chief Financial Officer, DP World Asia Pacific & Australasia Ltd

Peter Conomos, Vice President Finance, DP World Oceania A  PAC

Sriram Kalyanaraman, IT Executive Nutrien Ag Solutions


Alternate Director

Joanne D'Andrea, Company Secretary

Ravi Sheshadri, Chief Operating, Landslide Logistics, DP World Australia Ltd