Forward thinking solutions
Forward thinking solutions
Forward thinking solutions
AWH provides a comprehensive range of storage, handling and international freight forwarding solutions for a wide range of products and customers.

Each service offering is customised, and each element seamlessly linked to provide end-to-end solutions including:

  • Logistics data management
  • Auction services and financial settling of wool payments
  • International freight forwarding
  • Customs brokerage and quarantine processing
  • Container cartage
  • Container packing and unpacking
  • Quarantine inspection services at our quarantine approved premises
  • Container storage – full and empty containers
  • Warehouse storage and handling for a wide range of products
  • Chilled and refrigerated storage
  • Dangerous and hazardous goods storage and handling
  • Distribution centre operations
  • Domestic road and rail freight management

Agriculture Business

Historically owned by Australia’s two largest rural businesses, Landmark and Elders, we have grown our logistics capability in the agricultural sector across a national footprint. We have unrivalled experience in handling a diverse range of products and services for the agricultural industry. We are experts at managing the seasonality demands and cycles typical of the agriculture sector, aided by the diversity and flexibility of our warehousing facilities.

From stock feed to fertilisers and chemicals, at AWH we specialise in the storage and distribution of a broad range of agricultural products. We handle wool and cotton, bagged and bulk fertilisers, cropping chemicals, grains, stockfeed and a wide array of farming merchandise and equipment.

By partnering with AWH, you will benefit from:

  • Our national footprint, which includes strategic rural locations
  • A regional distribution network
  • Quarantine approved premises
  • Unique and flexible warehousing options
  • Dangerous and hazardous goods certification
  • AQIS and Customs certification and clearances
  • The ability to provide a tailored and turnkey end-to-end solution

Building and Construction

Leveraging our unique warehouse footprint in key metropolitan and regional areas, we have become industry leaders in the storage, handling and distribution of a wide range of products for the building and construction industry. Often bulky and of high value, these products include, but are not limited to, lifts/elevators and escalators, industrial air conditioners, bagged insulation, ceramic tiles, bagged cement and refrigeration equipment. AWH understands the stringent requirements of job/project lotting, and the necessity for on time and compliant delivery to both construction sites and national retail chains. AWH has the expertise and equipment required to handle these goods in a safe and efficient manner.

Products Handled

The products AWH handles come in all shapes and sizes. From a pallet of wine, to a bin of kayaks, a pack of construction timber, a pallet of toilet tissue, an industrial escalator, AWH has the expertise and specialised handling equipment to treat each of these products with the care and attention they deserve. An example of some of the products currently handled are:

  • Agri-business: Wool, cotton, bagged and bulk fertiliser, crop chemicals, grain and meals and all manner of mechanised farming equipment;
  • Construction: insulation, bagged products, industrial air conditioners, lifts and escalators;
  • Fast Moving Consumable Goods (FMCG): soft drinks, bottled water, wine, toilet tissue, pet food, camping supplies, ceramic tiles and general foodstuffs.

Our facilities are perfectly suited to handle, not only palletised product, but also bulky and high value goods.

AWH has made a significant investment in transport and warehouse management systems (TMS/WMS) to enable us to provide turnkey logistics management services. We have also made substantial investment in processes and facilities to provide a national capability for Dangerous Goods handling.  This sets us apart from many others in the logistics sector.


All AWH capital city sites are quarantine approved premises for the purposes of handling agricultural and non-agricultural products which require some form of quarantine activity. Products handled through these facilities include both imported and exported goods which are stored and handled in designated quarantine areas within these facilities. Services include the inspection and treatment of goods subject to quarantine and certification of empty containers to DPI standards.